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Delhi To Shrinagar ( Kashmir) Tour by Tempo Traveller

Delhi To shrinagar Kashmir
Delhi To Shrinagar Kashmir By Tempo Traveller

Delhi To Shrinagar (Kashmir)

If you have ever been to Northern India as a tourist and have not visited Srinagar Kashmir, then you do not have full Indian experience.
Kashmir, which is called the paradise of the earth, and is only able to be experienced when you go.
Srinagar Kashmir, the paradise of this earth, has its own distinct identity,
Nature has its own unique confluences, four more snow-capped mountains, tranquil plains and birds chirping in the plains,
Kashmir enjoying Gulmarg in Srinagar
Enjoy the cuisine,
Light sunshine in the day

Book Tempo Traveler with customized tour packages and quality logistic plans from a company like ours, where you can easily book your journey from Delhi to Srinagar (Kashmir) via Tempo Traveler. If you really enjoy your beautiful Kashmir, then a tempo traveler has to book which is a more convenient vehicle and enjoy the dream destination of India.

With customized tour packages and quality logistical plans from a company like us and Book Tempo Traveller on Rent In Delhi, where you can conveniently book your trip from Delhi to Shrinagar (Kashmir) through Tempo Traveller. If you really enjoy your beautiful Kashmir then must book a tempo traveller which is more convenient vehicle and enjoy the dream destination of India.

Why Book Tempo Traveller with Us?

We are one of the renowned Indian company that provides tempo traveller services ranging from luxurious tours to airport drops and pickups. The company’s tours are carried out in customized vehicles which range from 9 to 16 seater vans and cars. The vehicles are available for both hire and rental, the former of which comes with a company driver which makes your tour even more convenient.

With an estimated distance of 565 km, a Delhi to Kashmir tour can be soul-draining. As such, Tempo Travellers luxury vehicles are fitted with features that maximize passenger comfort such as:-

  1. i) Internet services to keep yourself entertained while in transit or post photos of your trip.
  2. ii) Luxurious Pushback seats.

iii) Quality LED screen attached to a sound system.

  1. iv) A Local Guide
  2. v) Convenient payment options through services such as currency exchange.

Tempo Traveller’s Tour Packages from Delhi To Shrinagar (Kashmir)

Whether you are on honeymoon, an expedition or a work trip, Tempo Travellers will customize your tour to suit your itinerary. Among the areas to visit in Kashmir are:-

Srinagar: termed the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir states, a trip to Srinagar will grant you the pleasure of seeing the breathtaking Kashmir Valleys followed by an exciting boat ride in the Dal Lake.

Gulmarg: A town in the Baramulla district of Kashmir, you can play golf in a naturally-green terrain surrounded by the gorgeous sweet-scented flowers. During winter, the fluffy snow turns this location to a popular skiing resort.

Pahalgam: A northern hill station situated in Kashmir, Pahalgam offers a number of outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and treking, adding to the customized package by our company.

Aaroo: What would a Tempo Travellers safari be without a visit to the park? Aaroo leads to the falls national park during which you not only explore the spectacular scenery but also get to watch wild animals such as leopards in their natural element.


The best part about your trip from Delhi to Kashmir through Tempo Traveller is the feeling that your safety and well-being is entrusted to reputable professionals who strive to not only optimize your comfort but also educate you on cultural and social aspects of the Indian culture in Kashmir.

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