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Tempo Traveller On Rent Delhi To Nainital

Tempo Traveller On Rent Delhi To Nainital

Travelling to Nainital from Delhi is about 200 km. hence it will take you up to 3 to 4 hours to reach your destination. Tempo Traveller provides a variety and unique travel experience for tourists to choose from according to their specific requirements or needs. You can easily hire a tempo traveller on any day from Delhi to Nainital by providing your contact details or you can even call our support number.

Nainital Ranikhet Tour

The uniqueness and distinctiveness of Tempo Travellers rely on its ability to provide the highest level of comfort to tourists thanks to its luxury vehicles. Ideally, most of the luxury vehicles are modified and modelled according to the requirements of the people hiring them. Coming from Delhi, it is highly recommended that the travel group be small of 9 to 15 people. However, the tour packages include 9, 12, 15 or even 16 seater Tempo Travellers. The choice heavily relies on your requirements. As earlier recommended a 9-seater tempo traveller from Delhi is more preferable as it provides the best pleasurable tour experience especially for small families, small groups or wedding groups.

The 9-Seater Tempo Traveller

Although one is free to higher any vehicle, the 9-seater tempo traveller is the firm’s best choice for tourists. When travelling from Delhi, there are a variety of 9-seater tempos that you can choose from according to price and needs. The latest 9-seater tempo traveller is called the Luxury modified Maharaja Tempo Traveller which is also available in Delhi.

Tempo Traveller On Rent

Features of the Tempo Traveller on Rent In Delhi

                Features of the Tempo Traveller on Rent In Delhi

  • High Quality Music System
  • Fabric Leather
  • Quality Sofa Sets
  • Comfortable head and neck rest
  • Cooling system
  • LCDs which are shading
  • Quality drivers
  • Modifiable interior features

Delhi to Nainital Tour

Arrive at Delhi for pick up. The road trip involves passing through Hapur, Gajraula then Corbett then reach the Nainital peak where you can check into a resort for the night.

Next day take the breakfast then you can opt for a local sightseeing trip to all beautiful areas of Nainital. You visit the famous Jim Corbett National Park, visit the Jhula Devi Temple and the various museums along the road such as Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum and Memorial. You can travel back to the resort for the night.

Next day take the breakfast again and then you can go for snow viewing where you have the chance to view the Himalayan ranges. There is the Nainital peak which is 2611 meters above the sea level. These views allow you to have see-through of the surrounding mountainous areas. You can travel back to the resort.
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